5 Luxury Features to Include When Building a Home

The National Association of Realtors states that 34% of home buyers are purchasing for the first time. If this is your first house, you want it to be the absolute best it can be for you, right? With Florida being a dream destination, your new home deserves nothing less than dreamlike perfection. Customize your modern home today with these 5 luxury features to include when building a home.

5 Luxury Features to Include:

  • Outdoor entertainment area:

You didn’t choose Florida for its cold, rainy days; you’re here for the sunshine and the sweet summer breeze. So, make sure to include an outdoor area that capitalizes on it. Luxury homes these days can have everything from a sprawling pool to a basketball or tennis court. Love throwing parties?

Include a bar and outdoor sitting area replete with all the amenities people have come to expect from Florida — torches to light up the night and keep the bugs away, aerodynamic overhead hangs to ensure a breeze is always blowing, and a fire pit to drink and tell stories around. Want your kids to have as much fun as you do? They can have their own play area, maybe with a jungle gym and their own slide connected to that big, luxurious pool. Get what you want based on your needs.

  • Skylights:

Allow the beautiful Floridian sunshine to penetrate every corner of your home with expertly placed skylights designed to bring as much light into a room as you want. Even dreary, overcast days will keep your home feeling bright and cozy, keeping those rainy day blues away.

  • Smart capabilities:

With technology these days allowing you to control the temperature and lighting in your living room using your phone while you’re sitting outside, the possibilities and payouts of these features are virtually endless. You can connect your phone to your in-home stereo system, turn the A/C on with the push of a button, and even control your window treatments with motorized blinds. Modern homes on the market these days are truly modern; don’t be left out — make your life exponentially easier and capitalize on all the benefits technology has to offer!

  • Library:

Let’s be honest, libraries are awesome. Even if you don’t read as much as you’d like to (or even really at all), you can still benefit from the relaxing, soothing atmosphere libraries provide. A place of zen and quiet, you can fill the shelves with all the books you loved growing up — from Harry Potter to Dune and everything in between, your library can be a peaceful and comforting space. Its presence can even encourage your children to become more interested in reading and create a safe place for them to explore their imaginations, and it can double as an office or professional workspace.

  • Bay window:

Bay windows provide a nook to sit comfortably and reflect. Grab a well-worn book from your library and get cozy while the natural light from the bay window keeps your eyes open and your mood light. This intimate space also provides a great spot to look out on your yard — watch your children play or simply enjoy the sunshine from the safety of your air-conditioned booth.

Luxury homes are supposed to be luxurious; you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not including these simple delights in your home. If you’re building a home, you have all the freedom in the world to guarantee it suits your every need. Luxury homes are personal, so yours should be too.