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The hardest step in a journey is the first one. We do not simply build houses here at Homes By Artisan, we build residences of distinction that our families call home for generations. Our team is here to help you take the first step in building your dream home by walking alongside you to create the perfect plan.

As a premier builder of custom homes in the Greater Tampa Bay Area, we have built dreams into reality in the region’s most exclusive South Tampa areas.

Our mission is to design and build a sanctuary where cherished memories are created by you and your loved ones.

Because no two families are alike, we believe no two residences should be identical either. Our design portfolio features a wide array of architectural styles to help your family explore options that fit unique dreams. For example, we have created dwellings from spacious vintage bungalows to Mediterranean mansions to beautiful beachfront retreats.

A Purveyor of a Luxury Homes and Lifestyles

Our expertise is designing and crafting extravagant homes that connect and enhance your lifestyle. Homes by Artisan provides the convergence of authentic, old-world craftsmanship with modern-day innovation.

A True Artisan is an Expert Who Creates Hand-Crafted Masterpieces

Homes by Artisan is Tampa’s premier custom builder due to our meticulous attention to detail. We take exceptional pride in exceeding our client’s expectations and transforming their vision into reality. No matter how minute the details, we ensure our homeowners first step into their new home is just as they had imagined it.

The Artisan Story

As a young child, Matthew Longenecker spent a great deal of time in his grandfather’s woodworking shop. There, he enjoyed observing and learning the many aspects which come along with perfecting a skill. Growing up he transformed his passion for wood-working into custom-home building. Today, Matthew excels in collaborating with his client’s to provide an exceptional home building experience from start to finish.

Meaningful, Lasting Relationships

From day one, our goal is to provide a concierge level of service. Designing and constructing a truly personalized home takes time and a great deal of planning to ensure that everything is perfect in the end. Throughout the journey, we form indelible bonds with our homeowners and their families. Our process is simple: First, share with us your aspirations and vision for your perfect home. Then, we will provide you our expertise and dedication to achieve your dream without compromising on even the smallest of details.

Most importantly, however, our desire is to create a solid foundation for our clients, just like our homes. We are built upon trust and above all open communication.

Above all, Homes by Artisan is the clear choice to help you embark on the journey from you initial vision all the way to the first step through the doorway of your completed new home. It would be our privilege and honor to work with you!


What to Know When Building a House: 6 Realities

If you’ve always dreamed about building your own home from the ground up, it’s 100% possible with enough time, planning, a solid budget, and a little building-savvy knowledge.

So before you dive into your home construction project, here’s what to know when building a house…

What to Know When Building a House: 6 Important Realities

When you find the right contractor, architect, and designer to help you build your custom home, there can be no greater joy in life than seeing your dream come to fruition.

But building your own home is no simple feat. It takes time and plenty of careful planning. Of course, a few insider tips couldn’t hurt, too. Here’s what to know before you break ground and build a custom home…

1. Know Exactly What You Want

There’s no point in going into a home construction project with a vague idea of the home you want. It’s important to have outlined the specifics of everything you want. While an architect will create the exact plans, you need to have a sense of how many rooms you want, the building materials, the size, and the overall style of your home.

2. Understand Site Preparation and Servicing Costs

Don’t rush into picking the lot or site of your new home without considering site preparation and servicing costs first. Have you taken into account environmental remediation and municipal zoning of the lot you’ve chosen? Are you building in any specific zones which require permits? These are all added costs that could put your budget out. So, don’t settle on your lot choice immediately before considering these factors.

3. Adapt Your Home Design to the Environment

Sure, you may have a very clear dream of how you want your home to be laid out. But just like humans, building sites have their own distinct character. If you aren’t flexible in your home’s design and build in order to suit the local environment, you could face serious grief down-the-line.

If you’ve already bought your lot of land, you’re better off adapting your home design to the unique character of the land and environment, rather than trying to fight it.

4. Don’t Begin Your Project Before Outlining a Budget

Before you submit your design layout and ideas idea to your architect or contractor, make sure your budget is set and very clear cut. If you have little-to-no wiggle room in your budget, let your contractor know beforehand.

All-too-often, homeowners find themselves in tricky, expensive situations when they just can’t afford it. This will put your project on hold and only incur debt. Be clear about your budget and let everyone know about it before you break ground!

5. Ensure Everything Is In Writing

Your contract with both the contractor and architect should be very detailed and always in writing. Each contract should outline the services you’re paying for, the timetable of payments due, and the timeline of work. If your contractor is unable to list specific models of appliances you’d like in your home, have them include allowances in specific dollar amounts.

6. Visit the Site As Much As Possible

Queries tend to pop up all the time about how something should be done, or what your preference is on certain things. Your architect should visit the site at least once a week, while you should visit daily, if possible. This gives you a chance to answer your contractor’s questions and queries. It will also help you to assess the progress of the project and adjust your budget if needs be.

Bring Your Dream to Life with Homes by Artisan

We hope this blog on what to know when building a house has been helpful to you! If you’re looking to build your very own dream home in Tampa, FL, Homes by Artisan is your local expert. We also offer extensive home remodeling services.

Learn more about the projects we’ve worked on and browse our custom home exteriors for more…

How Much Does It Cost to Build a House? A 2020 Guide

In the United States, over 1 million homes are built every year.

If you’re considering building your own home, you may have asked how much does it cost to build a house? A lot goes into answering that question.

There are variables that have to be considered, including location, materials, and time. The number of bathrooms and the overall square footage of a house will also need to be decided. Once you have all those questions answered, we can figure out a rough estimate of how much it’ll cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a House?

The cost of building a house comes to an average of $85.65 per square foot. 

This price is variable and depending on what part of the country you live in you may end up paying a fair bit more. The cost to build a house in the Midwest is different than in New England, for example.

Not Just the House

How much does it cost to build a house? While that may average under $100 per square foot, the cost of the lot size and any acreage must be factored. The more land you purchase with the home, the higher the price will be.

A consideration which must also be accounted for is whether or not your home is built in a rural or urban setting. If you’re in a city, the cost of a lot will be higher, but the builders won’t have to travel as far. Rural land is cheaper, but it can be difficult to find a contractor that will build a home as cheaply outside of a city.

Some home builders focus on a development area, such as Harbor Palms in Florida. In this case, having the equipment and personnel around to build saves time and money. This is one way to get a home in a more expensive area closer to the average per square foot.

How Many Bathrooms? 

To build a new bathroom, the average cost was around $22,000. This means that increasing the number of bathrooms you want can dramatically increase the price of home construction. If you exceed the average of two baths, the average price per square foot begins to go up considerably.

Custom Home vs Pre-Built Home

How much to build a house brand new? You can be certain it’ll be more than a house already built.

You must also consider the time. Homebuilders are usually busiest in April through June. During this time of the year, it’ll be difficult to have your home constructed and could be more expensive. Real estate doesn’t slow down until August in most places.

The Cost of a Home

For most Americans, their home is the most expensive thing they own. How much does it cost to build a new home in your area? Only a contractor can truly answer that question for you.

The dream of owning a home can be yours. Stop wasting money on rent and start buying your future. Homes by Artisan can help you make your dreams come true.

If you want a new, custom-built home near Tampa, Florida, contact us. We build custom homes and even have pre-built homes to save you time and money.

Thinking About Living in Tampa, Florida? Here’s How to Find Your Home

Tampa, Florida living…does it get any better? Amazing weather, accessibility to some of the country’s top beaches, and affordable home prices make living in Tampa very desirable.

Who agrees? Apparently a lot of people!

Approximately 150 people are moving to Tampa every day. Living in Tampa, Florida is a dream for some and many are making it a reality.

Are you thinking about relocating to Tampa, FL? Keep reading to learn why finding the perfect custom home when moving to Tampa, Florida has never been easier.

Living in Tampa, Florida in Your Custom Home

Not the planned subdivision type? Don’t like having the same house as several of your neighbors? Does the idea of owning a unique home give you a thrill? Building a custom home is the way to go!

Where to Begin

Before you find an experienced, well-respected home builder with a proven track record, know what you want in your custom home. Save pictures and note elements you want to be incorporated in your home.

Tour homes built by the builders you are considering. Figure out the architectural style you desire and your lifestyle requirements.

Hiring a Builder

Once you have a good idea of what you want, find your builder. Depending on the builder you use, you may or may not need to find an architect. Some builders provide design services or work with certain architects.

Ask realtors, lenders or friends for recommendations. You want to hire a reputable company for this exciting project. When you narrow it down to a few different custom home builders, be sure to ask for references as well.

Finding and Purchasing the Perfect Location

Your builder can help you with this phase of the project. They’ll be able to tell you if the lot is feasible for the home you’re building. What utilities are available? What will your views be? Will the home fit the potential site?


This phase can take 3-5 months, quicker if you are readily available to make choices and decisions. The pre-construction phase includes site development, necessary permits, and your finishing choices.

Keep in mind that April and June are the busiest times for home builders, so timelines may vary depending on the time of the year.


This phase includes the actual building of the house. It usually takes around 9 months. This phase can move quickly as long as there are minimum changes made by the homeowner.

Your builder may focus a lot of time on the design and finishing touches during pre-construction to ensure that the construction phase goes smoothly without a lot of re-dos and changes.

Ready to Call the Bay Area Home?

Living in Tampa, Florida can be a dream come true. Now that you know how to find the perfect custom home, are you ready to make the move?

We at Homes by Artisan are here to help. Contact Homes by Artisan when you’re ready to build your next home and let us help you create your perfect plan.