We Transform Dreams into Premier Custom Homes

The hardest step in a journey is the first one. We do not simply build houses here at Homes By Artisan, we build residences of distinction that our families call home for generations. Our team is here to help you take the first step in building your dream home by walking alongside you to create the perfect plan.

As a premier builder of custom homes in the Greater Tampa Bay Area, we have built dreams into reality in the region’s most exclusive South Tampa areas.

Our mission is to design and build a sanctuary where cherished memories are created by you and your loved ones.

Because no two families are alike, we believe no two residences should be identical either. Our design portfolio features a wide array of architectural styles to help your family explore options that fit unique dreams. For example, we have created dwellings from spacious vintage bungalows to Mediterranean mansions to beautiful beachfront retreats.

A Purveyor of a Luxury Homes and Lifestyles

Our expertise is designing and crafting extravagant homes that connect and enhance your lifestyle. Homes by Artisan provides the convergence of authentic, old-world craftsmanship with modern-day innovation.

A True Artisan is an Expert Who Creates Hand-Crafted Masterpieces

Homes by Artisan is Tampa’s premier custom builder due to our meticulous attention to detail. We take exceptional pride in exceeding our client’s expectations and transforming their vision into reality. No matter how minute the details, we ensure our homeowners first step into their new home is just as they had imagined it.

The Artisan Story

As a young child, Matthew Longenecker spent a great deal of time in his grandfather’s woodworking shop. There, he enjoyed observing and learning the many aspects which come along with perfecting a skill. Growing up he transformed his passion for wood-working into custom-home building. Today, Matthew excels in collaborating with his client’s to provide an exceptional home building experience from start to finish.

Meaningful, Lasting Relationships

From day one, our goal is to provide a concierge level of service. Designing and constructing a truly personalized home takes time and a great deal of planning to ensure that everything is perfect in the end. Throughout the journey, we form indelible bonds with our homeowners and their families. Our process is simple: First, share with us your aspirations and vision for your perfect home. Then, we will provide you our expertise and dedication to achieve your dream without compromising on even the smallest of details.

Most importantly, however, our desire is to create a solid foundation for our clients, just like our homes. We are built upon trust and above all open communication.

Above all, Homes by Artisan is the clear choice to help you embark on the journey from you initial vision all the way to the first step through the doorway of your completed new home. It would be our privilege and honor to work with you!


Family Fun in Tampa
Find Fabulous Family Fun in Tampa

If you’re looking for fun family things to do in Tampa, we’ve got you covered. Tampa is one of the best cities in the country to raise a family. With near-perfect weather all year round, you can enjoy family fun in Tampa every day of the year.

From the zoo to the Riverwalk, this roundup has fun family activities in Tampa you can check out this weekend. Let’s get exploring.

Zoo Tampa

Zoo Tampa is one of the best places in Tampa to take your little ones. With something for everyone and all ages, there are acres of wildlife and marine animals to see. You can enjoy exotic animals above and below the water.

Tampa Riverwalk

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Tampa with family, the Riverwalk is a must-see. Not only is it free, but it has something for both adults and kids to enjoy. The Tampa Riverwalk is filled with great outdoor patios, bars, restaurants, shops, and play spaces.

On the Tampa Riverwalk, you can grab a cocktail or an ice cream for the kids and take a stroll along the water. Your kids will love people watching, checking out boats, live music, and more. Depending on the day, you can also participate in free kids events and group fitness classes.

Florida Aquarium

The Florida Aquarium Tampa is one of the coolest places to visit with kids. How many other aquariums have a dolphin boat cruise? The sunset dolphin cruise is truly a one-of-a-kind experience for the whole family.

You’ll be one with the sea, swimming with fish and exploring marine waters. Your kids will love seeing fish and other sea animals up close and personal.

Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa is a jam-packed day of fun. You can spend hours exploring the exhibits and playing in the play spaces. There are live shows throughout the day, traveling exhibits, and hundreds of hands-on places for kids to touch and feel.

Hit the Beach

Two of the most beautiful beaches in Florida are located just a short drive from the Tampa Bay area. St. Pete and Clearwater Beach boast beautiful blue water and soft white sand. Ben T Davis is one of the first sights that greets visitors as they enter Tampa Bay airport.

Family Fun in Tampa Bay

Family fun in Tampa Bay is endless. With beautiful weather all year round, you and your family can enjoy the ocean, the bay, wildlife, and more. Between the Tampa Riverwalk, the Florida Aquarium, and the zoo, there is something to do in Tampa for the whole crew.

With all the fun, activities, and adventure to be had, Tampa makes a wonderful place to call home. To speak with a professional home builder about your Tampa dream home, fill out the contact form here.

Real Estate Seasons: The Best Time of Year to Buy a House, Build, or Remodel

Spring is notoriously thought of as the best time of year to buy a house. With an influx of people looking to move, buy, and sell, it’s no wonder this is also a popular time for new construction. Luckily, each season has its pros in terms of building, remodeling, and purchasing.

This guide will go over everything you need to know about the best time to remodel, buy a home, or build a custom home. From winter to summer, here’s the low down on each real estate season.


Spring is typically the busiest season in the real estate world. The beautiful weather makes it easy to get outside and tour homes. The cooler climate in Florida during the spring makes it a great time for new development and outdoor building projects as well.

This makes April through Spring a busy time for home builders. As a home buyer, spring is also a great time to move. There is often an influx of properties available as families try to move and get settled before school gets started again.


While summer in the Tampa area can be hot, there is still plenty of action taking place on the real estate market. The early summer especially will still see a steady traffic flow as people try and beat the heat and get into new homes before fall. The heat will slow some foot traffic so summer can be a good time to snag a deal.

You will also still have some time for development, and new construction before the worst of the heat sets in from July to September. Ideally, you can wrap up the majority of the outdoor work before July so that the indoor work can take place later in the summer.


Because the weather is warm or moderate in Tampa all year round, the building season can be extended a lot longer. Cooler temperatures towards the end of fall provide a break in the heat for outdoor construction.

In terms of buying and selling a home, if you don’t have kids you need to relocate, you can find some great deals in the fall as well. The holidays haven’t started yet, and the weather is comfortable. This provides a nice break to tour the real estate and hit the pavement.


While winter in Florida is a lot different than in Minnesota, the season does tend to slow around the holidays. With holiday breaks, traveling, and get-togethers, this tends to be the slowest time of the year for contractors as well. Luckily, you might be able to score a deal while things aren’t busy.

In terms of new development, working through the winter can still be possible in the Tampa area. Because contractors tend to have more availability, this might also be the best time to remodel.

The Best Time of Year to Buy a House

Knowing when to buy a house or when to remodel can be a difficult decision. There is no one size fits all answer. So when the best time of year to buy a house for you? That decision will depend a lot on your own timeline and budget.

No matter the season, a real estate expert and developer can help get you into your new favorite home. Fill out the contact form here to get in touch with a pro.

7 Tips for Creating an Elegant Bathroom

The words bathroom and elegance aren’t often used together. But why not create a luxurious place to relax in the shower or bathtub? You can create an elegant bathroom that’s both functional and tastefully stylish.

Here are 7 tips for designing your own elegant bathroom.

1. Start with the Sink

If an elegant bathroom is your goal, you may want to start with two sinks. Unless you live alone or are updating a guest bath, two sinks make getting ready more convenient. No more cramming around one sink or waiting for your turn.

If you do opt for two sinks, space them far enough from each other that you’re not bumping elbows while brushing teeth or grooming.

For a truly stylish-looking sink, consider a custom design.

Place your custom sink into a marble or granite countertop. Popular custom sink styles currently include elements of shiny metal, blown glass, or gold-leafed glass.

Elegance, of course, must include total functionality. Be sure that if you get a custom sink you check that the height and width will be idle for standing use.

2. Customize Your Mirror

You don’t have to spend a fortune on custom everything, but your mirror should be more than a slab of glass covering an entire wall.

Be selective about your mirror and it’s framing. You can include more than one in your bathroom. A smaller, framed mirror is perfect above the sink while a full-length mirror can be hung or placed in a closet.

3. Utilize Natural Light

Makeup artists will agree, natural light is essential to creating a clean, beautiful look. Even if you aren’t big into makeup, it’s time to throw out those yellow, fluorescent bulbs and upgrade to luxury lighting.

If you’re able, consider placing your sink near a window so you get plenty of natural light in the morning when getting ready. Not only is it invigorating first thing when you’re prepping for the day, but it gives the bathroom a clean, fresh look.

4. Keep It Simple

Too many distracting patterns and colors in a bathroom are the opposite of elegant and soothing. Keep your bathroom design simple and neat.

This goes for what you place on the counters as well. Too much clutter on the counter just makes the bathroom feel dirty.

If you’re able to store things in a cabinet or dresser, do so. Leave counter space for things that must go there like hand towels, soap dispensers, and any minimal decorations.

5. Replace the Shower Curtain

Modern bathroom designs most often include a glass shower door or walk-in style. Say goodbye to the shower curtain and opt for a more sleek, clean bathroom look.

6. Include a Place to Sit

No, we’re not talking about the toilet… Include a chair or cushion for the dressing table. This makes the space feel more relaxing comfortable.

7. Update Your Hardware

Choose new styles of hardware, from your faucets to your cabinet knobs. Simply choosing fresh fixtures or hardware can totally change the atmosphere of your bathroom.

You can even choose cabinet pulls or light fixtures to match a specific theme in your bathroom.

Creating an Elegant Bathroom Today

If you’d love to create an elegant bathroom, kitchen, living room, or more, our team of artisan home builders and designers are happy to help.

Contact us today with questions about designs, quotes, and more! Creating a room or home of your dreams may be easier than you think.