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The hardest step in a journey is the first one. We do not simply build houses here at Homes By Artisan, we build residences of distinction that our families call home for generations. Our team is here to help you take the first step in building your dream home by walking alongside you to create the perfect plan.

As a premier builder of custom homes in the Greater Tampa Bay Area, we have built dreams into reality in the region’s most exclusive South Tampa areas.

Our mission is to design and build a sanctuary where cherished memories are created by you and your loved ones.

Because no two families are alike, we believe no two residences should be identical either. Our design portfolio features a wide array of architectural styles to help your family explore options that fit unique dreams. For example, we have created dwellings from spacious vintage bungalows to Mediterranean mansions to beautiful beachfront retreats.

A Purveyor of a Luxury Homes and Lifestyles

Our expertise is designing and crafting extravagant homes that connect and enhance your lifestyle. Homes by Artisan provides the convergence of authentic, old-world craftsmanship with modern-day innovation.

A True Artisan is an Expert Who Creates Hand-Crafted Masterpieces

Homes by Artisan is Tampa’s premier custom builder due to our meticulous attention to detail. We take exceptional pride in exceeding our client’s expectations and transforming their vision into reality. No matter how minute the details, we ensure our homeowners first step into their new home is just as they had imagined it.

The Artisan Story

As a young child, Matthew Longenecker spent a great deal of time in his grandfather’s woodworking shop. There, he enjoyed observing and learning the many aspects which come along with perfecting a skill. Growing up he transformed his passion for wood-working into custom-home building. Today, Matthew excels in collaborating with his client’s to provide an exceptional home building experience from start to finish.

Meaningful, Lasting Relationships

From day one, our goal is to provide a concierge level of service. Designing and constructing a truly personalized home takes time and a great deal of planning to ensure that everything is perfect in the end. Throughout the journey, we form indelible bonds with our homeowners and their families. Our process is simple: First, share with us your aspirations and vision for your perfect home. Then, we will provide you our expertise and dedication to achieve your dream without compromising on even the smallest of details.

Most importantly, however, our desire is to create a solid foundation for our clients, just like our homes. We are built upon trust and above all open communication.

Above all, Homes by Artisan is the clear choice to help you embark on the journey from you initial vision all the way to the first step through the doorway of your completed new home. It would be our privilege and honor to work with you!


Types of Lighting to Consider for a Luxury Home

Research has proven beyond a doubt that lighting has a direct impact on our mood, and can even affect our ability to learn. So, if you want to create a comfortable or energizing atmosphere in your home, effective lighting is the answer.

These are the types of lighting you should put on your radar if you want to inject new life into your luxury living spaces.

The Three Main Types of Lighting

All homes have areas designed for specific purposes such as rest, relaxation, work, and play. There are three different kinds of interior design lighting which suit these categories:

Low Lighting

These forms of lighting have a functional purpose that serves to create a general sense of light in a room. Its main function is to ensure you can see where you’re going.

Ceiling lights and floor lamps are the most common examples of these.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is a brighter kind of lighting that enables you to perform necessary, sometimes detailed functions. Some examples of these types of interior lighting are under counter lighting, desk lamps, and table lamps.

Accent Lighting

The aim of accent lighting is to create a specific ambiance in a room or to highlight an attractive feature. Wall sconces and track lighting fall into this realm.

Interior Lighting Ideas for Your Custom Home

When you worked on the overall design of your house, you went to great pains to ensure the structure met with your every need and desire. So, it’s important that you choose the right types of home lighting to complement all your hard work.

These are some of the newest lighting trends for luxury homes:

Clear Pendant Lights

Clear pendants add a charming rustic feel to any custom kitchen and are especially effective when positioned over a kitchen island. They look best when you hang them at staggered heights.

You can choose bare bulbs, wicker shades or industrial finishes depending on what suits your kitchen’s style


Whimsical ornate chandeliers are another top choice for high-end kitchens. Although these classic lighting fixtures have been around for over a thousand years, they’re still popular in luxury homes across the world.

Chandeliers help inject instant elegance or vintage appeal into any space. They even work well in bathrooms.

Colored Glass Pendants

Colored glass is an unexpected top trend in modern-day lighting.

Tinted light baubles dangling from the roof add Bohemian whimsy to modern eclectic designs.

Pendant lights adorned in vintage stained glass look stunning against dark wood designs, and lampstands look stunning when they’re made of hand-blown tinted glass.

Anything Goes

Some of the latest lighting fads are hard to define in that they’re incorporating mismatched colors, shapes, and sizes to create a luxury feel in living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.

Black is still a top tone in interior design and it’s reflected in matt black light shades and fixtures. Wood and ceramic shapes are still a popular addition to farm-style fashioned homes.

The Best Designs Start Here

Keep reading our blog for more information and inspiration for creating the living spaces you crave. We’ve got all the best tips and ideas from the best types of lighting all the way down to high-end flooring.

Are you ready to start building the home of your dreams or interested in refurbishing your existing house? Get in touch right away.

Building a Custom Home? Find Surprising Roofing Ideas You Did Not Know

Roofing is often one of the last things that homeowners consider when contemplating their ideal custom home design. Yet, this oft-overlooked structural element plays a vital role in protecting you from the elements and also has a major effect on your home’s value. Read more about the best roofing ideas to complement your plush custom home design.

Roofing Ideas:

Keep Cool With these Eco-Roofing Ideas

Many of today’s most popular types of roofs offer a double whammy of sustainable construction coupled with energy efficiency.

Modern-day roofing materials like recycled shingles and wood shakes are a top choice if the environment is your first concern.

If you want to save money on heating and cooling, you could opt tor light shades that reflect the hot Florida sunlight, and reduce the costs of running your air conditioner. Those in colder climes could choose darker shades that draw the sun’s warming rays in to keep interiors warm during winter.

To create the ultimate energy-efficient home, you could even opt for a section of solar roof shingles which produce electricity for you.

The Latest Types of Roofing Materials

Cedar and shake roofs are the cherry on top for a luxurious home, but these high-end materials come at a price. They’re also tricky to maintain.

What if you could get all the great look of these classic materials for a fraction of the price and none of the hassle? Now you can.

Many homeowners are opting for synthetic roofing options designed to mimic these top-quality materials. They’re available at much cheaper prices than their classic counterparts. They’re easy to install and lightweight too.

Synthetic roofs are also supremely durable and need almost no maintenance throughout their lifetime. If you don’t like the look of shake, these materials are also made to imitate any available roof types and in any color too.

Metal Roof Ideas

Gone are the days when you only ever saw metal roofs on workshops and barns.

Metal is a top trending roofing material at the moment. It’s durable, can stand up to all kinds of weather and it’s available in a wide range of shades to complement any home.

Metal roofing is another energy-efficient choice too, it’s good at reflecting the sun’s UV rays in summer but provides plenty of insulation during the colder months.

Metal roofs consist of copper, galvanized steel, or aluminum sheets. You can get them in several designs, including corrugated, standing seam, curved and R-panel systems.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are making a comeback in 2020. They’re popular for their sleek, contemporary looks and as a complement to modern clean architectural lines.

Theyré brilliant for solar panels or planting roof gardens too.

Your Perfect Home Home From Top to Bottom

Whatever your preferences with regard to the different types of roofing material, we’re happy to work with you. We can help you make your roofing ideas a reality when we design your home.

Get in touch to build or buy your ideal luxury custom build home right away.

The Defining Features That Actually Make a Home Luxurious in 2020

There are more luxury homes per capita in Tampa, Florida than there are in the United States overall! Why? For starters, one of the most luxurious features of a luxury home isn’t the home, itself.

It’s the location! Who wouldn’t want to step off of their property and onto a beautiful beach?

Of course, the interior should be as much of an oasis as the exterior. Read on to find out what makes a home luxurious.

A Quality Build

Luxury homes are made of quality, durable materials. Every surface, appliance, and fixture should look incredible and last for years of use.

This means stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors throughout, granite countertops, and maple cabinetry. Whether you custom-build your luxury home or purchase an existing luxury home, your builders and designers will include only the highest quality materials.

Luxurious Amenities

Imagine everything you’ve ever wished a home could have. Maybe that’s a three-car garage or a covered porch with an outdoor kitchen. Maybe it’s a grand living room downstairs and a den or game room upstairs.

No matter what luxury amenities you’ve daydreamed about, you can find them in a luxury home.

The luxurious amenities don’t stop inside your home, either. A luxury home should be situated in a community or area with tons of luxurious attractions from easy access to a golf course to private boat docks for community residents.

Privacy Options

If there’s one thing most people are yearning for when they buy their first luxury home, it’s privacy. From cities to suburbs, we get used to living incredibly close to one another. People come and go as they please and yards back right up onto one another.

In a luxury home community, you have privacy from the rest of the world and even from your neighbors. The privacy gate adds shelter and security to the community at large. The sizable land plots and luxury landscaping create distance between your luxury home and the one next door so that you can enjoy your yard in peace.

The Perfect Blend of Old and New

What do you do if you love the glamour and simplicity of the always stylish mid-century modern look but can’t bear to live without modern amenities? You combine them!

Just because a luxury home was built recently doesn’t mean that it can’t pay an aesthetic homage to vintage styles! At Homes by Artisan, we combine the old and the new to create a look and feel that is uniquely modern.

Selecting Your Luxury Home or Designer

If you’re ready to commit to the luxurious life, it’s time to find the perfect luxury home community and builders for you. If you’re looking to live that luxurious life on the beaches of Tampa, Florida, we think we’d make the perfect match.

We’d love to discuss the vision you have for your ideal luxury home and walk you through both the properties available for sale and our custom-building options.

Contact us today so we can start designing and crafting your luxurious future. April-June is the perfect time to get started!