7 Tips for Creating an Elegant Bathroom

The words bathroom and elegance aren’t often used together. But why not create a luxurious place to relax in the shower or bathtub? You can create an elegant bathroom that’s both functional and tastefully stylish.

Here are 7 tips for designing your own elegant bathroom.

1. Start with the Sink

If an elegant bathroom is your goal, you may want to start with two sinks. Unless you live alone or are updating a guest bath, two sinks make getting ready more convenient. No more cramming around one sink or waiting for your turn.

If you do opt for two sinks, space them far enough from each other that you’re not bumping elbows while brushing teeth or grooming.

For a truly stylish-looking sink, consider a custom design.

Place your custom sink into a marble or granite countertop. Popular custom sink styles currently include elements of shiny metal, blown glass, or gold-leafed glass.

Elegance, of course, must include total functionality. Be sure that if you get a custom sink you check that the height and width will be idle for standing use.

2. Customize Your Mirror

You don’t have to spend a fortune on custom everything, but your mirror should be more than a slab of glass covering an entire wall.

Be selective about your mirror and it’s framing. You can include more than one in your bathroom. A smaller, framed mirror is perfect above the sink while a full-length mirror can be hung or placed in a closet.

3. Utilize Natural Light

Makeup artists will agree, natural light is essential to creating a clean, beautiful look. Even if you aren’t big into makeup, it’s time to throw out those yellow, fluorescent bulbs and upgrade to luxury lighting.

If you’re able, consider placing your sink near a window so you get plenty of natural light in the morning when getting ready. Not only is it invigorating first thing when you’re prepping for the day, but it gives the bathroom a clean, fresh look.

4. Keep It Simple

Too many distracting patterns and colors in a bathroom are the opposite of elegant and soothing. Keep your bathroom design simple and neat.

This goes for what you place on the counters as well. Too much clutter on the counter just makes the bathroom feel dirty.

If you’re able to store things in a cabinet or dresser, do so. Leave counter space for things that must go there like hand towels, soap dispensers, and any minimal decorations.

5. Replace the Shower Curtain

Modern bathroom designs most often include a glass shower door or walk-in style. Say goodbye to the shower curtain and opt for a more sleek, clean bathroom look.

6. Include a Place to Sit

No, we’re not talking about the toilet… Include a chair or cushion for the dressing table. This makes the space feel more relaxing comfortable.

7. Update Your Hardware

Choose new styles of hardware, from your faucets to your cabinet knobs. Simply choosing fresh fixtures or hardware can totally change the atmosphere of your bathroom.

You can even choose cabinet pulls or light fixtures to match a specific theme in your bathroom.

Creating an Elegant Bathroom Today

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