4 Luxury Home Pool Designs That You Need to See

Some homes are just houses. Others are experiences.

When you build a luxury home, you want every aspect of it to be your picture of perfection. That doesn’t stop when you walk out the back door.

A beautiful luxury pool is an ideal way to make the most of your high-end home. The best part is that you can customize your pool to be exactly the pool you want.

Need some inspiration? Check out these jaw-dropping pool designs from around the world.

4 Pool Designs:

1. Minimalist Majesty

When it comes to luxury pool designs, sometimes less is more. The beauty lies in the modern, clean lines and the open peacefulness of the pool.

The Alila Ubud resort knows that the beautiful Bali landscape speaks for itself. That’s why they opted for a huge pool with borders that seem to vanish into the green around it.

For a touch of detail, the resort added a built-in island in the middle of the pool.

2. Sweet As a Rose

When it comes to luxury homes in warm climates, a spectacular pool is a must-have. A $1.9 million estate in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, doesn’t disappoint.

This home’s pool is better described as a swimming complex. It features several circular pools at different depths for swimmers at any level. When it’s time for a relaxing soak, residents and guests can step right into the adjacent hot tub.

Surrounding the pool is the perfect atmosphere for a great party with tables, chairs, and palm trees any Floridian would love.

3. Lounging in Style

Swimming pools and bedrooms have something in common: both are meant for relaxation. Why not combine the two for the perfect at-home spa?

That’s the approach the designers took at Hôtel La Mamounia in Marrakesh.

Hovering above the luxury pool at this hotel is a cozy lounger on top of a beautiful marble slab with golden posts. It’s the absolute picture of extravagance.

You may not be able to go quite as far with your own pool, but you can use the general idea to create a lounge space above your pool.

4. A Full Outdoor Retreat

If you truly want to make the most of your luxury home, why stop at a pool? Why not make your outdoor space an entire experience?

That’s what the designer did at a home in Longboat Key, FL that sold for a shocking $7.7 million.

In addition to a beautiful pool with multiple alcoves and gargoyle fountains, this home has a luxurious outdoor space with several tables and dining areas.

Customizing Your Perfect Pool Designs

If you’re building your own luxury home, you shouldn’t have to compromise or settle. Our team at Homes by Artisan is all about giving homeowners the luxury estates they want. The pool designs above can be your inspiration for rounding it out with your outdoor space.

To take the next step toward a home you can be proud of, contact our luxury home builders today.