Reasons to Design Your Home: Top 3

Reasons to Design Your Home: Top 3

A whole home makeover can be a daunting and expensive proposition. Every existing home, no matter how gorgeous, has some warts in the eye of the homeowner. A feature one set of homeowners love, another may hate. Read on to learn the reasons to design your home.

If you have a higher income and are looking for a luxury home, it might be well worth your time to simply go with a new home design entirely and not try to remodel. If you’re part of the almost 35% of home buyers who are first-time buyers (per the National Association of Realtors), a new home design might prove to be the most satisfying option.

You’ll increase the value of your home right off the bat, have fewer household projects to take care of, and a custom home design will give you all the features and amenities you want without having to look at dozens and dozens of new homes.

Reasons to Design Your Home:

Why Opt for a New Home Design?

As mentioned above, your home’s value overall could increase with a new home design. If you’re building a home, you likely won’t have an eye towards selling anytime soon, but it’s still a nice perk of a custom built house. For one, you’re more likely to pick energy-efficient appliances, have modern elements, and some luxury amenities that all bump up the price of your home.

On a similar note, a lot of the stress of finding that “perfect home” will be eliminated, since you’ll be designing it from the ground up! You can incorporate everything you want and often in a location of your choice. Whether you crave privacy and want to be more isolated, or would prefer living within a community, being able to choose a location is an important aspect of custom homes.

And of course, since everything is new, you’ll have to spend less time worrying about home repairs, and you won’t have to shell out money for big repairs any time soon. Since homeowners often wind up having to spend a lot of money, energy, and time on maintaining their home, this is a huge perk.

What Do I Need to Know About a Custom Home?

Building a new home requires some flexibility on your part. You’ll need a place to stay while it’s being completed, so if there’s some time pressure on your end, it could complicate matters, unless you’re willing to rent or buy a temporary place. And, of course, it will take a lot of collaboration and financial resources as well, plus a smart team.

Know your budget before you start assembling your team. Make a list of “wants” and “needs” — and be able to differentiate between the two. Once you start speaking with a designer, architect, and contractor, they might tell you what’s feasible (or not) and you can winnow down the list, but it’s important to know what your non-negotiables are.

This perhaps seems like it should go without saying, but planning and placement are key. Putting a bedroom over a garage, for example, can get awfully noisy, whereas putting a kitchen toward the back of the house (with no separate entrance to it) can mean traipsing all kinds of mud, debris, and mess over other rooms of the house. Careful planning and design can make a huge difference in your overall satisfaction with the end result.

Who Do I Need for a Custom Home?

You’ll definitely want good architects, engineers and contractors on your team and you should listen carefully to what they say — though don’t let anyone steamroll you! However, their expertise is why you’re hiring them, so you want to choose those with good reputations, plenty of experience, and who you feel you can collaborate and communicate well with. They’ll be the ones ultimately executing your vision, and you don’t want shoddy craftsmanship, lack of attention to detail, and bad communication to derail your dream home!

Forget the headache of touring homes or flipping through real estate websites. Designing your own home can be an extremely satisfying and creative process, and will ultimately give you exactly what you’re looking for.