The Best High End Flooring for Your Luxury Home

While the latest predictions say the luxury housing market is about to slow down, there are still countless reasons to buy in the luxury market. And, if you already have a luxury home, you can always find a reason to make it more luxe — such as with the right high end flooring.

Flooring is one thing that rarely crosses our minds while at home. It’s always there, just beneath your feet, and not usually worth a second thought. Yet surprisingly, it’s also one of the things that can completely change the feel of your home.

Which high end flooring should you choose? We’ve put together this essential guide to the luxury flooring you should consider. Keep reading to learn which expensive flooring is worth the cost.

Natural Stone

It’s hard to beat the luxe appeal of natural stone flooring.

One of the most attractive things about natural stone floors is that they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Since you’re using real stone, no two floors will look alike.

Natural stone also offers durable appeal — it’s not easy to damage this material. However, keep in mind that natural stone floors require a hefty financial investment. The more dense the stone is, the more it will cost.

Exotic Hardwood

If you want another natural option, opt for exotic hardwood for your high end flooring.

Exotic hardwood offers the same unique, natural appeal as stone. However, the fact that it’s rare can make it even more attractive. This is one way to ensure your floors look like virtually no others.

Exotic hardwood also costs a lot. However, when you see the warm, attractive results of new hardwood floors, it’s easy to justify the high cost.

Oversized Tile

Tile flooring always looks trendy. But today’s chicest top quality flooring involves oversized tiles made of porcelain or ceramic.

The large tile size gives a modern look to your home. You can find tile in solid colors or printed patterns to add more visual interest. Some tile is even designed to look like wood, concrete, or fabric.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Your floors don’t have to involve expensive tile — you can get the same look with today’s vinyl tile. You’ll save money while still getting in on the trend.

Today’s vinyl tile flooring looks better than ever before. It can also offer the convincing look of natural stone at a fraction of the cost.

Polished Cement

If you prefer an industrial vibe with a clean look, try a polished cement floor.

Yes, cement can be a high end flooring option! It doesn’t have to look like a warehouse floor. You can elevate it with polish and trendy stain colors, and even add heat to make your cement floors that much more inviting.

Which High End Flooring Will You Choose?

Today, high end flooring offers more options than it used to. In addition to natural materials like wood and stone, you can get a chic look with modern materials like vinyl and concrete.

The key is to choose flooring that matches the style of your home. Why wait to get the home of your dreams with luxury flooring? Our custom homes include beautifully designed interiors right down to the floors — learn more here.