Luxury Features You Might Want to Avoid

Around 8% of home buyers have household incomes at or above $200,000. Around this income range, home shopping and building can transcend necessities to include high-quality features in luxury homes. Read on to learn luxury features to avoid.

However, some modern design features can disengage potential buyers. Some luxury features might be over-the-top, or will only be in style for a short period of time. If you’re a home buyer or a home builder, beware of these luxury features and modern elements that just might not work:

Luxury Features That Don’t Get Used

Fancy Tubs with Jets

Though these tubs seem like an excellent splurge for relaxation and romance, recommends against them. Many people don’t have time to soak during their busy daily schedules, even the wealthy. Plus, jets and bubblers build up a disturbing number of germs and are difficult to keep clean. Don’t waste the space and the money on a fancy tub, and focus the budget on more practical designs.

Industrial Kitchen Features

Though kitchen remodeling can transform a home, going overboard on appliances can be a waste of money and precious counter space. Big six-burner stoves aren’t useful unless the family often cooks three-course meals or hosts frequent parties. Other upgrades, like warming drawers, pot-filling extended faucets, and other funky gadgets are often underused for their price.

Home Gyms

Be realistic, and don’t opt for a large gym in the home unless the family already frequents the gym regularly, and has for years. Some people even find that exercising alone is less motivating than having a community at the local gym. Don’t waste the space or the cash unless your or your client’s livelihood requires a stunning physique.

Mega Closets

Big closets, especially in master bedrooms, can become large spaces to hide messes. Seating in a large walk-in, according to, is often underused and takes up a lot of room on the floor. Opt for a bigger master bedroom and a more reasonable walk-in closet, rather than reproducing the whole clothing store.

Wet Bars

Finally, wet bars are only practical for people who host parties regularly, and are often expensive to install due to the plumbing required. Luxury homes can still be great entertaining spaces without wet bars.

What to Invest in Instead and 2-10 Home Buyers recommend the following luxury items as more practical home investments:

  • Eco-friendly features
  • Smart devices and home appliances, like lights and fridges
  • Formal dining rooms (they’re making a comeback!)
  • Bigger, floor-to-ceiling windows
  • High-end counter tops, like quartz
  • Heated floors

Whether you’re a builder or a buyer, use these tips for choosing the most luxurious luxuries. Avoid wasting space with impractical items to design luxury homes that will be loved for years to come.