Eco-Friendly Features to Include In Your New Home

Building a home is an exciting process, especially if you’re looking to include luxury design elements. However, deciding which features to include can be a tricky task. You want your home to be fun, unique, and relaxing all at once. However, you also want the space to keep up with the times. One great way to keep your home contemporary is to include sustainable, eco-friendly features. More and more homeowners are using sustainable features to lower their utility bills, live a healthier lifestyle, and reduce environmental harm. Clearly, “green” building techniques and home features have many undeniable benefits.

If you’re thinking about building a home with luxurious, modern elements, do your part to help the planet. Here are three luxury design features to make your home both more impressive and more eco-friendly.

Eco-Friendly Features

1. Solar Panels and Lighting

Building with solar panels has numerous advantages. For starters, installing solar panels on your roof or in an array can drastically reduce your utility bills, and they actually pay for themselves over time in many cases. What’s more, solar-powered featured can be used creatively to bring added fun and flair to your home– try using solar lighting to brighten your garden or pool area at night.

2. A Green Roof or Green Wall as an eco-friendly feature

What’s cooler than an accessible rooftop? An accessible rooftop garden! Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular design elements in modern homes. Even a small flower and vegetable patch on the roof can help reduce plastic waste as your family uses more home-grown ingredients. Larger green roof systems also provide natural home cooling, and both green roofs and green walls (vertical hanging gardens) are absolutely beautiful design elements.

3. LED Lighting

If you’re building a home, make sure that your builders install LED light bulbs wherever possible. Today, LED light bulbs are much more affordable up-front than they’ve been in the past. LED bulbs also offer long-term savings– since LED lighting reduces electricity consumption, and since LED bulbs last years longer than traditional incandescent types, your wallet will thank your making this eco-friendly switch.

An estimated 8% of home buyers have household incomes of $200,000 or more. If you’re in this income range, you might be in the market for a luxury home. When building a new home for your family, consider bringing the future of energy and sustainability into your design. With these three eco-friendly features, your home will be beautiful, modern, and have a more positive impact on the natural environment.

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