Work Out Lavishly: 4 Tips for Creating a Luxury Home Gym Setup

If you own a luxury home, then you know one of the most luxurious qualities you can add to your place is an at-home gym. Not only does this make it easier for you to work out but it also eliminates having to wait on a specific piece of equipment. Having your own home gym setup allows you to curate the exact type of workout setting and aesthetic you desire.

Keep reading to learn how to create the gym you’ve always dreamed of.

Home Gym Setup Tips:

The Perfect Space

The first step in designing your new home gym is picking the perfect location in your home. You want the atmosphere to feel inviting so that you and your family will be encouraged to actually spend time here.

Don’t stick the gym in the basement or garage. Instead, opt for an area of your luxury home that has a lot of natural light. Consider even adding some modern ceiling lighting to make the room feel even more bright and homey.

You also want to be aware of the airflow in the room. Make sure there is plenty of ventilation and add some ceiling fans so that the gym never feels stuffy and confining.

Take Your Gym High Tech

If you really want to create the perfect luxurious atmosphere, then consider taking your gym to the next level by adding technological advancements.

In addition to having an in-gym television, consider adding a Bluetooth operated sound system. This will allow whoever is working out to listen to their most motivational tracks with ease.

Smart home gym equipment can also make for a great modern tech addition, plus it will improve your workout.

Leave Open Space

You don’t want your gym to feel overcrowded. Go for a more open and spacious layout when designing the space.

Not only will this feel better, but it also leaves room for non-equipment bases activities like bodyweight workouts, stretching, and yoga. Plus, by having some extra space you’ll have room to add more equipment as you see fit.

Be smart with the space you have by creating storage for smaller equipment so it’s not laying around and in the way.


Your luxurious home gym should match the general aesthetic of your home while also being highly functional for working out.

When picking a gym floor, you want something that’s durable, attractive, but also non-slip to prevent accidents. Many luxury gym owners go with a combination of wood flooring and either rubber or cork flooring throughout the space.

Also when thinking about aesthetic, decide what vibe will motivate you best, Whether you go with dark and sensual colors or bright and airy, you want to design the space so that you’ll enjoy being in it.

Designing Your Home Gym Setup

Like all aspects of a luxury home, your home gym setup should be exactly what you want. This gym is for you to enjoy, so keep the above-listed things in mind when designing your space.

Soon enough you’ll be working out lavishly in your new at-home gym.

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