Thinking About Living in Tampa, Florida? Here’s How to Find Your Home

Tampa, Florida living…does it get any better? Amazing weather, accessibility to some of the country’s top beaches, and affordable home prices make living in Tampa very desirable.

Who agrees? Apparently a lot of people!

Approximately 150 people are moving to Tampa every day. Living in Tampa, Florida is a dream for some and many are making it a reality.

Are you thinking about relocating to Tampa, FL? Keep reading to learn why finding the perfect custom home when moving to Tampa, Florida has never been easier.

Living in Tampa, Florida in Your Custom Home

Not the planned subdivision type? Don’t like having the same house as several of your neighbors? Does the idea of owning a unique home give you a thrill? Building a custom home is the way to go!

Where to Begin

Before you find an experienced, well-respected home builder with a proven track record, know what you want in your custom home. Save pictures and note elements you want to be incorporated in your home.

Tour homes built by the builders you are considering. Figure out the architectural style you desire and your lifestyle requirements.

Hiring a Builder

Once you have a good idea of what you want, find your builder. Depending on the builder you use, you may or may not need to find an architect. Some builders provide design services or work with certain architects.

Ask realtors, lenders or friends for recommendations. You want to hire a reputable company for this exciting project. When you narrow it down to a few different custom home builders, be sure to ask for references as well.

Finding and Purchasing the Perfect Location

Your builder can help you with this phase of the project. They’ll be able to tell you if the lot is feasible for the home you’re building. What utilities are available? What will your views be? Will the home fit the potential site?


This phase can take 3-5 months, quicker if you are readily available to make choices and decisions. The pre-construction phase includes site development, necessary permits, and your finishing choices.

Keep in mind that April and June are the busiest times for home builders, so timelines may vary depending on the time of the year.


This phase includes the actual building of the house. It usually takes around 9 months. This phase can move quickly as long as there are minimum changes made by the homeowner.

Your builder may focus a lot of time on the design and finishing touches during pre-construction to ensure that the construction phase goes smoothly without a lot of re-dos and changes.

Ready to Call the Bay Area Home?

Living in Tampa, Florida can be a dream come true. Now that you know how to find the perfect custom home, are you ready to make the move?

We at Homes by Artisan are here to help. Contact Homes by Artisan when you’re ready to build your next home and let us help you create your perfect plan.