Stay True With Blue! How to Use Blue Color Schemes for Interior Design

Did you know that blue is the most popular color around the world? Fresh, bright, and full of energy, it’s a color that a lot of people associate with trust and happiness. No wonder it’s a worldwide favorite!

If you’re looking for a new color for your home, why not consider blue? You can be sure it’ll be a crowd-pleaser and it’s a great choice for adding a pop of color to your interior.

For inspiration, take a look at these ideas for blue color schemes for interior design.

Dark Blue Color Schemes for Interior Design

When learning how to use blue color schemes, there are plenty of shades you can pick from. Choose yours carefully to make sure it suits your space!

If you love a dark, deep-sea shade of blue, you’ll need a large room. It can be a difficult color to use and works best in rooms that get a lot of light. If you have a lot of south-facing windows in your room and it gets plenty of direct sunlight, you can use dark blue to your heart’s content.

Dark blue interior design color schemes are best paired with lighter, neutral tones, such as light grey and white. Pair with wooden or warm gold furnishings for the perfect finish.

Light Blue Color Schemes

If you’re looking at blue home decor schemes, light blue is definitely easier than dark. It works well both in large and small rooms and can bring a touch of brightness to dull spaces.

Light blue pairs well with white and light grey. You can also pair it with another shade of blue, such as a purple-toned blue or blue turquoise. If you opt for a pastel sky blue, try pairing it with a soft lavender for a calming space.

If you’re opting for vintage-style interiors, powder blue works well. Pair it with warm-toned creams and greys for a beautiful finish.

Blue-Gray Color Schemes

When it comes to the best blue color schemes in interior design, a lot of people will opt for a blue-gray. It’s a great way to blend in a little blue with other colors and is a lot less of a statement. It’s easier to use and can add interest to any room!

Make your blue-gray bolder with a touch of tangerine. This splash of color against the muted tones of blue-gray make a striking pair that’s very contemporary.

For blue color schemes in home decor that you can easily adapt to suit your style, blue-gray is an ideal choice.

Build Your Dream Home

If you’re looking at blue color schemes for interior design, you’ll notice there are lots of options! Once you’ve picked yours, make sure you get the right people to apply it to your home.

At Artisan Homes, we remodel houses or build from the ground up, creating custom designs from your ideas. If you’d like to know more, be sure to get in touch with our team today!