Signs You Are Ready for a Customized Home

Finding a dream home can sometimes seem like a nightmare.

The choices about what to compromise on can be heartbreaking. Many people feel understanding the market is hard, but that the steps to homebuying are even harder to keep track of.

You desire a great area for schools, but the houses aren’t the right layout for your (current or future) needs. Or you need a studio or office, but none of the homes have one purpose-built.

It’s easier to build a customized home than you think. So are you ready for a custom home? Why build a home instead of buying a prebuilt one?

Keep reading, because we’re going to cover that and more!

Custom vs Pre-Built: What’s the Difference?

You might think that a custom home is out of your league. Consider, though, that you could spend up to $75,000 on partial remodels. When you buy a home, the older it is the more likely you are to spend even more.

When you remodel the home, you must bring anything found up to current code standards. Not to mention even more underlying problems could be lurking. That causes after-purchase spending to tick ever upward as you replace AC ductwork or fix foundation problems.

If you buy a home but found to be unsuitable for living during the remodel, you then have demolition and removal costs to add.

Then where will you stay while the home design and building go on? It’s another costly anxiety side-stepped from starting the custom home project from the start, with both eyes open.

Getting good designs for kitchens, providing for energy-efficient customization, and choosing quality custom home builders can all drive the total cost of homeownership down over time.

Knowing that everything is as it should be, without any surprises, gives great peace of mind as well.

Another great thing about building a home from scratch is having the choice of your own plot of land. You can often buy a piece of land in the right location for you more readily in some cases than a plot with a prebuilt home.

Am I Ready for a Customized Home?

You don’t have to be an established homeowner to be in the market for a customized home. If you have:

  • Financial stability
  • Outgrown your current living situation
  • A particular style that isn’t reflected in the current market
  • Found an amazing neighborhood
  • Don’t want to compromise on your dream home

Then, a customized home building project is right for you.

The host of technologies to make a home environmentally friendly, ready for high-speed communication, and cost-efficient is growing by the day. Buying a 30-year-old home doesn’t guarantee a retrofit.

Closing the Door on Customized Homes

So after reading this article, are you ready for a customized home?

We think so, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Whether you have your own lot, or you need help finding one, homes by Artisan can help. Do you need a remodel or fully-customized home?

We have the experience and ability to guide you through the process from A-Z.

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