Got the Resources? Go for Custom Homes in Tampa

Some home buyers will be looking for modern, luxury homes instead of undertaking a whole makeover or remodeling. In some cases, simply building a custom home is the easiest way to go! Many modern, custom homes are also based in a larger planned community. So, there are plenty of amenities and the increased chance to get to know your neighbors. For those with families, this can be an ideal set-up. However, a custom home is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about home repair or improvements. Also a great option for those who want the latest amenities and a home that works for them. Custom homes in Tampa can give you everything you desire in a home and more.

Custom homes in Tampa FAQs:


What are the Trends for Modern Homes?

You know how everyone congregates in the kitchen? A new trend reflects that, with kitchens becoming a focal point for the home. Kitchens are getting larger, while more formal dining areas are being reduced in size.

A minimalist, clean trend has also swept architecture lately, reflected not just in furniture and decor, but also floor plans. Open floor plans have become more popular recently and there’s an emphasis on big windows bringing in natural light.

Homeowners are also paying closer attention to what goes into their home — no more asbestos or lead! Green construction and sustainability are the new buzzwords to watch out for.

And of course, tech is becoming increasingly integrated into home as well, with homeowners looking for voice or phone controlled elements, from security to lights.


Why Opt for a Custom Built Home?

If you have the resources, a custom built home can provide you with the best of what modern homes have to offer. All the design and structural elements that you’ve had your eye on can be incorporated. Instead of the alternative of having to worry about a home makeover or slow remodeling process.

Plus, a custom built home will be brand new. So, you won’t have to worry about any of the quirks that old homes have to offer. And if you’re not handy or don’t want to have to deal with renovations, with a brand new home, you won’t have to for a while.

For homeowners who are into having the latest technology installed and going green, a custom built home can include all those elements — from solar panels to a voice controlled home, you can really have it all. Plus, a greener and more sustainable house can also often mean a reduction on your energy bills!

Furthermore, many custom homes are built within a community, which might offer more privacy and like-minded neighbors. If you’re new to an area and looking for contacts or play dates for your children, this can offer a tidy solution!


What Should I Know About Custom Homes in Tampa Ahead of Time?

You actually likely want to choose your home builder before you settle on a lot. The builder can help you find the perfect location for your home. Plus, it’s often much faster to do things this way. It’s likely that the builder already has some potential lots in mind and can match one or two with your ultimate vision.

You also want to have a good team on hand — not just the builder, but also the right architect, home designer, landscaper, and so forth, to really pull all the pieces together. Figuring out your budget (down to all the little nitty-gritty and then some extra for incidentals) is also crucial — it lets you and your team know exactly what you’re working with and can help eliminate surprises down the road.

Though a custom home can take a lot of work and planning, it’s certainly a worthwhile investment and will provide you with the house of your dreams. With the right team and advance planning, the process can be a lot smoother than you might imagine, and it’s well worth it!

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