Custom Home Ideas: Unique Features You Should Consider

Florida is the third most populous state in the United States. More homebuyers are looking for custom homes South Tampa-side.

The endless features to consider when building a new home can overwhelm the hardiest buyer. Custom home ideas should make your life better, not harder.

We will share some unique home features that can bring you joy and comfort for years to come.

High Ceilings: the Sky Is the Limit

Cool ideas for building a house go beyond your foundation. You want your home to feel spacious top-to-bottom. What better way than to create more vertical space?

High ceilings open up your home. Slanted or A-frame ceilings add a distinct style.

You can add a loft or keep the space completely open.

Hidden Rooms

A room of requirement doesn’t have to be a concept from a fantasy book- it can be your reality!

Vintage-styled modern homes in Tampa take complex home design to the next level.

Build a panel that opens to reveal a hidden room. Use this room to store priceless personal items, a second library, or storage.

Custom Smart Features

More businesses recognize the growing need for custom home design ideas and refresh basic products.

Imagine using voice command to turn off your sink or close the garage. If you can build it, you can probably add a smart feature to it!

You can even buy smart doorknobs. Maybe you’re in a rush or left your keys inside. Use an app on your phone to unlock your door.

Expanded Garage for Custom Homes Tampa Area

Garages aren’t just for cars or leaky boxes anymore.

Turn the entryway of your garage into a mudroom with recessed storage and sparkling countertops. Give the walls or floors a fresh coating to make the space come alive.

Luxury homes in Tampa, Fl make it easier to bring the outdoors in. Add vertical shelving to hang coats, athletic gear, bikes, and more!

Custom Outlets for Every Space

Install outlets on potential seating areas. That way, you can mentally unplug and recharge your devices at the same time!

Custom homes in the Tampa area can even have recessed outlets outdoors. Add them to your sunroom, garage, and patio for easy access.

Custom outlets are great for spaces where you use devices daily. Add some just off of your vanity so hairdryers and electric toothbrushes can work in tandem without issue.

Natural Lighting

Sunlight is priceless. Modern homes in Tampa beg to make use of the warm, sunny Florida climate.

Sun tunnels have more privacy and horizontal reach than most windows. You can also warm rooms that otherwise prove difficult to heat evenly.

Skylight in the bedroom or bathroom allows you to gaze at the stars or sunbathe in the most literal sense!

Modify Small Spaces

The great thing about creating a custom home is that no one can tell you how to use your space!

Small spaces like hallways and cupboards can turn into libraries or unique storage spaces.

Think about things you struggled to store or display in your last living space for inspiration.

Modern Homes Tampa Style

Modern touches should meet current buyer needs.

Bring your custom home design ideas to life with some of the above tips. You just need a little kickstart to take custom homes in Tampa to the next level- literally and figuratively!

Our home models can point the way to your dream home. Browse our favorite floor plans and get designing today!