A Beginner’s Guide to Custom Homes in Tampa: How to Choose Designs

If you’re living in Tampa and are in the market for a new home, you have several options. You can buy a pre-owned home, sure. But do you really want to live in a house someone else has spent several years in? There are also brand new construction homes. However, these sometimes come off as generic and boring. That only leaves one choice – custom-built homes.

Opting for custom homes in Tampa allows you to be an integral part of the design process. You can choose everything from size and layout to where individual outlets are placed. What better way to create the home of your dreams?

Keep reading for everything you need to know about how to design your future home.

Determine Your Budget

First, you need to know how much money you’re working with. It would be completely devastating to draw up a plan for a perfect home only to find out you can’t afford it. Get pre-approved with a lender to get an idea of how much you can afford to invest in your custom home.

Once you have a number, dream big and find out what your costs will be. Then, scale back if necessary. Consider the cost of construction plus all of the extra features you want.

Identify Your Ideal Style and Aesthetics

Custom homes in Tampa vary in size, design, luxury, and features. To make yours true to your sense of style, figure out a theme and basic design.

For example, you may appreciate the straight lines and open floor plans of modern home designs. Alternatively, you may crave a more vintage atmosphere. Talk to your contractors in Tampa to find out about your options.

Take a look at some of our previous builds to get some ideas.

Think About Function and Flow

Custom homes in Tampa should all be designed for maximum functionality. Whether you’re building a home for yourself or have a large family, the home needs to flow seamlessly.

Think about the layout of the house, the number of bathrooms and their location, and the function of the kitchen and dining room. These are important aspects of a highly functional home.

Talk About Quality Craftsmanship and Materials

If you want luxury, there are certain must-have features you need to include in your home. This includes high-quality materials and craftsmanship. A luxury home is not the place for DIY work or low-quality building materials.

Decide On Unique or Custom Features

Finally, one of the best benefits of custom homes in Tampa is the individuality owners are able to express. From custom architecture to unique features such as pools and fire pits, you can truly make your home one-of-a-kind.

Living in Tampa grants you access to beautiful year-round weather. Take advantage of it and extend your living space into your back yard. Create an oasis for family and friends to relax, socialize, and enjoy the weather.

Looking at Custom Homes in Tampa?

If you’re considering custom homes in Tampa, we want to help. Our blog is dedicated to helping future homeowners like you find exactly what they’re looking for. Contact us today to learn more about our custom home building process and talk about your options.