7 Luxury Smart Home Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Modern Property

Living in the lap of luxury for any homeowner is a top priority. Whether your home of choice is elegant, contemporary and modern or sleek and vintage, there’s one thing that can make any home complete.

No matter the style of your home or what trend your fittings are inspired by, considering incorporating smart home technology is one way to make your home an extension of your perfect, luxury lifestyle.

The convenience and utility of smart home technology are unparalleled! Modernize your lifestyle by incorporating these smart home ideas into your property.

7 Smart Home Ideas:

1. A Smart Entryway

There’s nothing like a custom home with a smart entryway. Walking up to the front door of your home, your visitors will be bowled over by the technology they encounter at the entrance to your home. Installing a smart outdoor security light sets the tone for the rest of your smart home ideas.

This smart outdoor security light will detect a visitor and send an alert to your mobile phone, and you can access a live feed to see whose a-knocking!

2. Smart Faucets

There are smart faucets you can install throughout your kitchen and bathroom that are incredibly tech-savvy. Simply hovering your hand over the faucet to turn the water on.

Not only does it aid in lessening the spread of germs, but also in conserving water. It’s impressive too!

3. Smart Cooking

An intelligent oven is a piece of home tech that you simply can’t have in your luxury tech home. This cooking appliance is a countertop oven in which you can do just about anything!

The smart oven will identify what food you’re cooking, and give recommendations on how to cook it!

4. Smart Sleeping

Well, you may think the bedroom isn’t a place for necessary smart home ideas, but you thought wrong!

Imagine a smart bed that lets you choose your own comfort, it has adjustable numbers so the bed can be as firm or as soft as you like. If you like that, then you’ll like that this bed can adjust as you sleep with its airflow, so you won’t be having any restless nights.

5. Smart Gardening

Consider yourself an avid gardener with a flair for tech? Then you need a smart system for your herbs. It looks similar to one of those hotel fridges you find tucked away in the cupboard, but it does everything it can to do the work for you!

It’s like having a smart lab for your herbs, the lights inside automatically adjust as the plants grow.

6. Bluetooth Blinds

Imagine yourself all ready for bed after a long day at the office, you kick off your slippers and you slide in, but damn! You’ve forgotten to pull down the blinds. Fear not!

Simply whip out your smartphone and control your blinds via Bluetooth. Open and close them on command, without having to stand up!

7. Smart Swimming

You won’t even have to check the status of your pool before you decide to take a dip with this smart home idea. You can focus on the swimming, while your cleaning robot does the work for you, vacuuming, filtering and pumping!

It works self-sufficiently without requiring your pool’s usual systems.

Smart Home Ideas: Recon

Getting an insight into smart home ideas is fairly easy, simply speaking to an architect or agent who specializes in luxury property design and development will get you there.

Smart homes are virtually limitless in the elements that you can control, adjust, adapt and create for your lifestyle and for your family.

Check out these other qualities that your luxury home should have! Contact us if you have any questions.