7 Luxury Home Features for Houses in Tampa, FL

Are you looking to buy a new luxury home in Tampa, Florida? Or perhaps you want to build one from the ground up?

Since luxury is the subject, one of the key elements you should look into are the luxury home features. Like it or not, these amenities affect the quality of living.

They play a huge role in defining the character of a luxury home.

So what kinds of home features should you look for in a luxury home? What amenities are the must-haves and non-negotiable? Continue reading below to find out.

Luxury Home Features: The Magnificent 7

There are several features that you can install in your custom luxury home. You need to consider, however, the size of your lot. Though you cannot fit all the luxury features inside your home, you can trim down your list to the most fabulous ones.

Let’s take a look at seven magnificent luxury features you may want to splurge on:

A Fully-Stocked Kitchen

A kitchen is a place where you make some of the fondest memories with family and friends. Thus, you should consider building a fully-stocked kitchen.

You want a kitchen that is commercial-grade. This means sporting wine fridges and warming draws. You can also have a walk-in pantry that is full of storage options. Basically, you want to invest in restaurant quality appliances.

A Large Pool

A large outdoor pool is another excellent feature to consider. You can go for an expansive pool that comes with waterfalls on the side. Or you can also build a large infinity pool if you want unrestricted views.

Open Floor Plan

You also need to consider an open floor plan. This ensures a cohesive space with an airy and spacious feel. It also creates a more relaxing vibe for anyone who steps inside your home.

Smart Home Features

You also need to turn your home into a smart one. This means incorporating integrated technology into your home’s design. Today, you can turn on your heating, cooling, lighting, and security features using your mobile phone.

Not only will these installations make your life easier, but they will also reduce your monthly electric consumption.

Home Gym

Tired of driving to the gym to work out? Then bring the gym inside your home! Make sure you have enough room for a couple of exercise equipment like a treadmill.

Moreover, install a small TV and some wireless speakers to keep the energy up. You may also want to build a small indoor sauna to relax your muscles after working out.

Theater Room

Do you love watching movies? Then a theater room is what you need. Even if you don’t like binging on movies, an in-home theater will add value especially when guests come over.

A 10 to 15-seater theater room is more than enough for a private movie screening.

Spa Bathroom

If you’re going to splurge on a master bathroom, then turn it into something at par with those spa-like bathrooms in hotels. Some of the key features of the spa bathroom include towel warmers, shower jets, and heated flooring.

This is one of those luxury home features you should never pass up on.

Let’s Build a Custom Home, Today!

The key to enjoying these luxury home features lies in excellent planning. You also need to find a reputable team that specializes in custom homes.

Get in touch with us and experience the finest in custom home building. We can build a home that comes with all the amenities you want. Let’s get the ball rolling, today!